Fraud Module

Comprehensive FRAUD RISK Management and Prevention System based on Transactional Monitoring and Alerts in Real Time


The development of this software was not limited to ML/TF risk prevention, it has disruptive Machine Learning (ML) technologies that parameterize customer usage behavior and is installed in all transaction channels of your company or entity, detecting in time if there was any movement outside of customer behavior helping you detect fraud in real time.
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Some of the FRAML-MS sub-modules

Transactional Monitoring

Business Rules


Exception List

Automatic Assistance

It monitors, according to the client’s profile, the transactions made through the different means of payment. A powerful tool that helps you detect fraud in real time, FRAUD – MS is integrated into all the distribution channels that your company or entity has in order to detect a pattern of behavior outside the customer profile and detect anomalies in the business operations.

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